About Us

Based in Fort Pierce, Florida, Sea Rock Farms relies in its team’s entrepreneurial, agricultural and scientific expertise to become the leading company in hemp biomass processing by consistently supplying the highest quality extracts and formulations to manufacturers and consumers worldwide.

Founded in 2018 Sea Rock Farms has been expanding its operations in Florida since 2019. We have vertically integrated our business, by adding our crops and breeding operations in Colorado to our extraction operations in Florida. Looking ahead, we have already obtained licenses for the production and processing of hemp seeds and biomass in Colombia, and we have incorporated strategic partners in Paraguay and Uruguay, beginning in 2021.

The production facilities occupy more than 12,000 sq. and boast a fully equipped extraction center, a multipurpose laboratory and office space. The facilities and production processes are developed in line with the GMP quality standards in order to fully comply with existing regulations and best practices of the industry. The production area has an advanced design that guarantees the flow of materials and people while minimizing the risks of cross-contamination. Furthermore, Sea Rock Farms developed detailed training plans for workers, aimed at minimizing labor hazards and maximizing the barriers against all contamination risks.

Our History and Milestones To 2024

Sea Rock Farms was founded in 2016 and expects to reach its greatest potential by the end of 2022, achieving its first production by mid-2021.